“Learning Enhanced – Spark Ai (SAI) is a Student Learning Enhancement (SLE) Tool that improves student grades while lightening the teacher’s load.”

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Introduction To Spark-AI

Changing the way students engage and learn in modern era through EduTech tools the Spark-AI tool is designed to address the needs of modern education by providing a platform for personalized feedback, resource sharing, and interactive communication between professors and students. It helps create a more engaging and effective learning environment. Spark AI is also available on IOS.

Auto Attendance

SparkAI offers automatic attendance tracking, eliminating the need for manual counting or paper-based methods. This feature is ideal for classes of all sizes, from smaller groups to large lecture hall (From 10-150+ students).


SparkAI introduces a Point-Based System (PBS) that encourages students to actively engage in class. Points earned are automatically converted into grades, benefiting both students and teachers.

Group Based Learning

SparkAI is highly effective for Group-Based Learning (GBL) across various courses. It captures the individual efforts of each student and creates profiles based on teacher-defined metrics or built-in ones such as SCALE (Social, Communication, Analytical, Leadership, Enthusiasm).


SparkAI incorporates an innovative On-the-fly Class Assignments (OCA) module, allowing teachers to create impromptu assessments during class. These assignments are recorded automatically, encouraging active student involvement and helping them earn marks. OCA eliminates paperwork, making it an eco-friendly solution.

Communication skills

SparkAI simplifies the submission, grading, and handback process with its Submission-Grading-Handback (SGH) module. This practical and efficient feature is highly favored by teachers and students. It can be easily accessed through mobile devices, eliminating the need for carrying a laptop.

Analytical skills

SparkAI provides students with real-time feedback and reports on their Academic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Using AI, SparkAI generates Current Grades, Maximum-Possible Grades, and Predicted Grades. This enables students and teachers to stay informed about performance and facilitates easy improvement.


Performance Enhancement System

SparkAI is a Performance Improvement Tool. It's not an LMS or eLearning platform. It is easy to use and requires no technical skills.

Features 01
More speed. Less effort


SparkAI takes a significant stride towards eco-friendliness by eliminating the need for printing papers in the assessment process. It digitizes every step, from students working on assignments to teachers grading them. Students can conveniently complete their assignments and submit them through SparkAI’s digital platform. Teachers, in turn, can assess and grade these assignments directly within the system, using tools like a digipen for precision and efficiency. Once the assessment is complete, the marked assignments are swiftly returned to the students through SparkAI. This seamless digital workflow not only conserves valuable resources but also streamlines the assessment process, making it more convenient and eco-conscious.

  • Quiz Submission
  • Lab Submission
  • Online Marking
Features 02
More speed. Less effort


Attendance module is available for teachers to mark the attendance of students and they can also download the list of attendees. GeoAttendance is also available. The Spark AI tool is amazing because it helps professors connect with students, provide personalized support, and enhance the learning experience. It’s a great tool for collaboration and engagement! It has various features like personalized feedback, resource sharing, and interactive communication between professors and students. It helps enhance the learning experience and foster collaboration.

  • Auto Attendance
  • Geo Attendance
  • Online Approval & Download Attendance Record
Features 03
More speed. Less effort

App Features

SparkAI is a Performance Management System for students. It provides real-time feedback to students on their academic performance. AutoAttendance Class participation Group Based Learning Social skills Communication skills Analytical skills Leadership skills Using all the above matric the student are provided with their Current Grade Predicted Grade SparkAI is a Performance Improvement Tool. Its not a LMS or eLearning platform. It is easy to use and requires no technical skills. Teachers benefit by

  • Reduced work load in grading
  • Get to know students academic abilities
  • Incentivise learning
  • Improve student class participation
  • Alerts about weak students
  • Good reporting tools
  • Automatic portfolio preparation
  • CLO coverage tracking

Active Users

Total Worldwide users of Spark-AI since September 2023

Official Launch March 2024

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